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A fear free visit starts at home before even stepping foot in the veterinary clinic. For our feline friends positive association with the carrier is key. Use of Pheromone sprays or wipes (Feliway) and treats will help calm your cat while in the carrier. Bring out the carrier a few days prior to your appointment so they can become familiar and comfortable with it. 

With our canine friends make sure they are comfortable with car rides and restraint devices (leash, harness, halti etc).  Limit food before appointment so treats are more effective while at the clinic. And bring some of your dogs favourite treats with you. Use of pheromone sprays or collars (Adaptil) are helpful in calming your pet. If necessary there are anti anxiety medication that can be picked up from the clinic prior to your appointment.   

To help ease your pets stress, our exam room is equipped with Feliway and Adaptil diffusers and there is an entire drawer full of treats! 

If you would like more info or suggestions on how to make your pets trip the clinic a more enjoyable experience please call or email us!


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