It is extremely important, in choosing and working with a veterinary clinic, that we share the same concepts in terms of quality of care for your pet.

  • Pre-Anaesthetic blood work prior to any procedure involving anaesthetic to ensure your pet is fit for anaesthetic
  • IV fluids provided for all anaesthetic procedure keep your pet hydrated and ensure blood perfusion to vital organs.   This support while under anaesthetic eases recovery.
  • In-house dental radiograph machine ensuring that teeth are examined beyond what the naked eye can see, and only teeth that require extraction are removed
  • In house laboratory can provide biochemical profiles, electrolytes and complete blood counts needed for accurate diagnosis and treatments.
  • Digital radiographs allow more rapid results.  Reproduction of films is no longer required and consultation can be done without lag time or cost of courier or mail. We are also reducing our carbon foot print and taking the environment into consideration through elimination of developing chemicals and their need for disposal
  • 30 minute scheduled appointments allow time to listen to and address all of your concerns
  • Behaviour consultations allow "problem pets" to be listened to and understood! We have established relationships with Board Certified Behaviour Specialists for complicated cases to offer you and your pet the best available care. Behaviour problems are the most common cause of pets being re-homed or humanely destroyed.


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